How to Make a Logo? Important Rules and Logo Examples

Making a logo is not so difficult anymore with the developing technology and new programs. However, designing a logo is not as easy as it seems. Although it may seem easy when you look at the logos that have been made, the road to the logo is tiring and long. It is necessary to be creative to design a logo that is remarkable, memorable, and creative. However, logo designers sometimes have difficulties in making creative and successful logos. In this article, I will share important tips and logo examples about how to make a logo.

Logo selection is very important for a brand. First of all, the identity of the brand is first reflected by the logo. The logo you use reflects the stance and style of your brand. When choosing a logo, pay attention to the logo selections of the sector in which you do business. Every industry has a logo style that it uses. Of course, you do not necessarily have to choose a logo in this style, but it is still useful to research the types of logos belonging to your sector. Also, if you are going to use text in the logo, you should choose the font that belongs to that sector. For example, handwritten and decorated fonts are used in areas such as pastry and cooking, while plain and simple fonts are used in areas such as law and finance.

Featured Rules on How to Make a Logo Question

1.Get Inspired

Inspiration is an important detail, although not a direct rule for logo design. Because without inspiration, it is a little difficult to come up with creative works and you never know where the inspiration to complete the work will come from. But if you understand the subject of inspiration well, these stages may be easier for you. You can use prominent design-oriented websites for inspiration while creating your designs. It may even be a different website that you found as a result of your research. Also, do not forget to observe your surroundings throughout your daily life.

2. Learn Everything You Can About Logos

You should learn how the design of logos should be and what you should pay attention to when designing a logo. The details you need to pay attention to when designing a logo; The logo should be unique and logical and attract the customer. No matter how long and strenuous your logo design process is, the result should be uncomplicated and understandable, memorable, permanent, versatile, and suitable for the brand identity.

3. Develop Your Design Process

While doing design work, each designer has a unique design process. Although most designers follow the general process below, it is useful to create a process specific to your business habits while planning.

1. Job Information to be Done: You should talk to your customer about the job you are going to do. To understand the wishes of the customer regarding the work you will do, you must conduct a detailed interview. You must know what the customer wants and get all the information you need.

2.Research: Learn more about the industry you will be working in and about the customer. Do extensive research on your customer’s stories and competitors.

3. Design Research: Research the logo trends of the time as well as sources that can inspire the design the customer wants.

4. Editing: Start making sketches and develop them as a result of the information given and the research you have done.

5.Edit: After sketching your work, take a short break and take a look at your work again and let the design develop.

6. Presentation: Select a few logo alternatives and show them to the client until the design is complete. Make adjustments as a result of incoming feedback and requests.

4. Pay attention to the use of color

Colors form the essence of a visual design. Too often, designers overlook the clever use of colors. This is probably because it is thought that simple designs can only be made in black and white. As a result of this wrong thinking, uniform designs emerge. It causes the formation of black and white, flat designs that are always in the same style. However, with the clever use of colors, very successful, striking, and still simple logos can be designed.

5. Choose the Right Font

The font is an important element for an effective logo. If you are going to use text in logos for this, you should make sure that you make the right choice. In logos, plain and easy-to-read fonts are generally preferred. Font selection is an important factor for logos, both for the customer to be able to read it without difficulty at first glance and to be memorable. There are two ways to choose a font; You can create a custom font yourself or use a ready-made font. If you are considering creating your font, avoid making it too fancy. Make sure it is simple, readable, and stylish.

6. Be Different

Yes, you should focus on simple and uncomplicated designs in the logo you create, but at the same time, you should be different. If there is a logo that is similar to the logos that already exist in the market and that you come across everywhere, it will be a little difficult for you to make a difference and stand out. You have to make a different design that can stand out from the crowd. However, you should still aim for a logo design that integrates with the brand. A logo work that looks different from the competitors and does not get away from the story of the brand will be successful.

7. Don’t Think of Your Designs as Unique

Even if you are confident in your ability, always seeing yourself as the best can hinder your progress. It is very important to develop in design and to constantly add something new to oneself. So before you see yourself as very good, focus on your shortcomings and how you can complete and improve them. Although this item is not a rule from the design process, you should note it as a rule that will always apply to you for design. As long as you improve yourself, your last design will always be better than the previous one. Always keep this in mind and constantly strive to improve.

8. Create a Pricing System

We think that the price stage is the part that gives the designers the most headache and trouble. Even though it is not a design-related detail, we wanted to address this issue, which is a problem for every designer. “How much does this design cost?” is a question that all designers face. It can also be a difficult question to answer, as every customer’s wants and needs are different. Look at the factors needed when designing a logo and create your price accordingly. The details involved in these factors are the number of concepts to be presented, future revisions, and the research load to be undertaken.



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